Vet Corner: The Top 40 Cat Care Blogs

Cat lovers unite! It seems that in the world of cats, a cat owner’s affinity for their own cat trumps that of the love for their own child. While that may be a stretch of the truth, cat care can be very basic, but also very crucial. After carefully researching all of the cat blogs out there, we have narrowed down the list to the Top 40 Cat Care Blogs for your viewing pleasure. This detailed list provides regular maintenance tips, expert’s opinions, vets’ recommendations, and so forth. Check out this list to make sure you are on top of all of your cat’s needs! Remember, they love you just as much as you love them!

Expert’s Opinion

  1. 4 Your Cat’s Health – 4 Your Cat’s Health is a super blog that allows guest bloggers to give their thoughts and remedies on all things cat-care related. This blog chooses well-rounded authors, so these tips are sure to be trusted.
  2. Pet Care Education – Pet Care Education is, surprisingly, a very educational site. Teaching cat lovers/owners anything from grooming to nutrition, this is your one stop for any cat care query.
  3. Cat Care HQ – The Cat Care Headquarters is your one stop shop for anything cat and cat-care related. These bloggers want the best for you cat’s well being, and have this site ready to answer any cat questions you may have.
  4. VetMed AH Blog – Vet Med Animal Hospital is a great sire for vets to visit and share their experiences, advice, and current events knowledge in all things vet related. This particular site locally owned and operated out of Mount Juliet, TN. Check out this site if you need to ask or share any cat care questions!
  5. Cat Care Professionals – This cat care veterinary service out of Lake Osweg of gives great advice on how to take your cat for the first time. All cat lovers and owners have to do it at some point, and this is an informative site that will instruct you the best way to do so!
  6. Cat Care – Cat Care is a compilation of cat care articles and blogs. With this list of guiding resources, you’re sure to have your questions answered promptly.
  7. Cat Care Guides – Cat Care Guides is gives you exceptional advice, straight from the experts. From a training section to video demonstrations, this site has your back!
  8. Cat Care Clinic – The Cat Care Clinic’s blog gives extremely useful tips and advice straight from the experts at the clinic. Discussing various cases and illness prevention tactics, this clinic will meet your cat’s medical and home care needs.
  9. Animal Planet – The Discovery Channel needs no introduction, but their Housecat Housecall section is superb! This site has many videos from this TV program where sickly cats are visited in their homes. There is much to learn from these videos, as the experts on these segments are at the top.
  10. Bright Hub – Bright Hub, for bright minds, has a special cat section in which they have provided their readers with special guest posts about cat care and feeding. This public forum attracts sound, intelligent bloggers, so these posts are certainly worth a look if you are interested in cat care.
  11. The Vet Blog – The Vet Blog is a direct source when you need an animal expert’s advice. Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM, is an avid poster that knows many animals, but his cat posts will surely be of help. Check it out!
  12. Cat Fact Files – The Cat Fact Files help every day cat lovers gain “expert advice” on all matters of health, from common ailments and serious diseases to vaccinations and basic first aid. If you are looking for the expert’s opinion, give this site a look!

Healthcare Options

  1. My Healthy Cat – My Healthy Cat is a magnificent blog that dishes out advice from the owner of a healthy cat! With links provided for every illness and remedy under the sun, you will not be left searching after viewing this site!
  2. Holistic Health – Holistic Health has a great post on caring for feline raw skin problems. While this is not a common occurrence in all household cats, this helpful piece will prepare you for caring for your cat if need be.
  3. New Cat – New Cat is a simple blog that helps you from day one with your new cat. If you need beginner’s advice from a wise cat owner, this is your site. Bonus: cute pictures and videos!
  4. Pet Lvr – Pet Lvr Blog for pet lovers is a set for pet lovers (clearly), but this interesting post stood out. This blog is out to inform the world on pet rescue, health, and training tips, and provides a list of “cat care essentials” for cats of all ages.
  5. Catster – Catster is a great resource for anything regarding your Cat’s care. From humorous remedies to behavior and training, this blog will have your cat being all that it can be!
  6. The Pets Central – The Pets Central covers many types of pets, but provides a special section on cats. From healthcare options to adopting stray cats, this site has you covered.
  7. Kitty News Network – The Kitty News Network will keep you in the loop and on top of all things for cat healthcare. A sect of, this Kitty Network, this site tells stories of cat rescues and how beneficial cat healthcare can be.
  8. Paw Nation – Paw Nation has an enlightening post about National “Take Your Cat to the Vet Week.” If you didn’t know that this week existed, now you do. Get your cat to the vet (health upkeep should be your number one priority!), and tune into this blog for some other great animal and cat related submissions. Good stuff!
  9. Cat Grooming Blog – This illness prevention blog has a great section for guest posts and responses to help other cat owners. This site is full of tips on various grooming topics, so give it a look if you’re interested in grooming.

Cat Lovers

  1. Our Happy Cat – “Our Happy Cat Makes a Happy Home” is the tagline of this cutesy blog. Written by Matt and Kate, these bloggers hope to make this the place for all contented cats and owners to meet and greet. A positive and upbeat blog, these advice shedders will have you following their happy ways!
  2. Coolest Cat Care – Coolest Cat Care is a great site for all Cat lovers. While any cat blog can talk about their love for cats, this blog will help you keep your cat safe and healthy year round. Check it out for other cat blog recommendations!
  3. I Love cats – The Cat care basics post is a simply great piece that literally gives you the basics of caring for a cat. While this blog is extremely helpful for a beginner, this insightful blogger gives great advice regardless of how long you’ve owned a cat. Check it out!
  4. Cat Care Blog – Cat Care Blog is written by “bizrite,” a blogger from Yorkshire, UK. Writing about the blogger’s own cat to homeless kitties, this site will have you entertained with the hefty archived section.
  5. Homeless Cat Care – Homeless Cat Care is a unique site that is devoted to helping lost and found (or abandoned!) kittens and cats. Started after starting a colony for abandoned cats, this helpful blog will have you headed in the right direction.
  6. Catster – Catster is a great resource for anything regarding your Cat’s care. From humorous remedies to behavior and training, this blog will have your cat being all that it can be!
  7. The Cat Zine – The Cat Zine is your online feline and cat information and guides. Updated frequently, this all-things-cat- blog has a great section on nursing your sick cat back to health., in “Common Cat Health Problems.”
  8. Everyday Health – Everyday Health as a superb top tenner on Common Cat Health Problems (to put your fears at rest!) Check out this post as to avoid future cat problems, or to cure any ailments your cat may already have.
  9. The Daily Cat Blog – The Daily Cat Blog is a well-manicured blog that serves as an editorial program, “with a mission to provide cat owners with practical skills and the insights necessary to give one’s cat the most comfortable, long, and happy life possible “ That being said, there is much to learn from this informative and helpful site!
  10. The Cat Whiskers – The Cat Whiskers has a special section on cat breeding and keeping your mother cat and new kitties healthy. Find great information on holistic cat rearing as well as 10 steps to settling your kitty into its new home. A must read blog for cat lovers!

Bonus: Cats take the Keyboard: Top 9 Cat Bloggers

  1. Daisy The Curly Cat – Daisy the Curly Cat is a famous, world renown cat who will have you in stitches. She is playful and healthy, thanks to her owner! Check out this blog for fun updates!
  2. Booger – Booger the cat is an adorable, adventurous cat… who tweets. Adorable photos to browse, and the cutest videos!
  3. MIsha – The World According to Misha is a well-manicured and updated blog, written by none other than Misha, Russian Blue Mancat extraordinaire, from Auckland, New Zealand. If you’re curious about his social life, check out his Facebook page!
  4. Fat Eric – Fat Eric and Friends is a lovely (now tribute) blog about Eric from London, who died in 2010. While Eric may be gone, his legend lives on through this blog. Check out the archives to reminisce! Such an adorable cat!
  5. Mashable – Cats who twitter is, you guessed it, a site where twitter cats can meet and share, beyond 140 characters at time! Remember the days where cats communicated by purring? Check out these tweets for some laughs.
  6. Cat Gossip – Cat Gossip is written by the gossip king himself, Vladmir is a Felinotherapist, Fashionista, Philosopher and Mathematician. “Here in Cat Gossip, he presents advice and homilies straight from the moggy’s mouth.” Another humorous cat author worth checking out!
  7. Sparkle – Sparkle is a unique cat with style and grace. She keeps an open diary and gives the best cat-to-cat advice. Be sure to check out the designer cat store!
  8. My Cat Goma – My Cat Goma is a a cute blog about a Himalayan cat named Goma. Goma wins the award for best photo captions by a landslide! Goma is always up to something, so tune it to check out the latest antics.
  9. – A cat in Alabama who blogs. With a huge following, and pictures that will have you in stitches, certainly worth your time!