Scholarships and Financial Aid Available for Vet Tech Students

Vet techs help veterinarians as assistants when examining animals, diagnosing problems, and performing lab work. This is a great option for those who want to work with animals, but who don’t want to spend as much time in school as it takes to become a veterinarian. Even though you’ll spend less time in college to get your degree, school can still be expensive for vet techs. If you’re checking out your educational options, take a moment to also look at the scholarships and other forms of financial aid available for vet tech students. These funds can make college a lot more affordable for you.

Types of Vet Tech Financial Aid

Scholarships are one of the most popular forms of financial aid for any type of student. You don’t have to repay scholarships when you graduate, and they are readily available from a variety of sources, ranging from local groups in your community to national government departments. You earn scholarships through meeting merit-based requirements. For example, some scholarships are given to those who show talent or do volunteer work in their community. Vet techs can also find scholarships that are award based on an essay competition, where students are asked to write about a specific topic, such as why you deserve the scholarship or what your plan to do with your education. Scholarships aren’t your only option, though. You can also find grants available, which are a lot like scholarships. The main difference is that they’ve given to students who can show financial need, not just merit. Of course, you can also look for student loans, though they have to be repaid while grants and scholarships are both forms of “free”  money for school.

Where to Find Vet Tech Financial Aid

Your college is likely a great source of financial aid – most have both scholarships and grants available for students. The government also provides funds for college – make sure you check out the Pell Grant, which is available to all undergrad students who meet financial qualifications. Outside organizations also have vet tech scholarships and grants – here are some that have offered funds in the past an may be offering money for students this year as well:

  • American Kennel Club
  • National Association of Veterinary Technicians
  • Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians
  • Oxbow Animal Health